Thursday, September 10, 2009

Invitation for Oct. 3rd International Hindi Festival

Hindi Writers Guild
(A Registered Charitable Organization)

A Brief Introduction
Formed in June 2008, Hindi Writers Guild is a first of its kind multi-faceted organization in Canada. Its prime objective is to educate and increase public understanding of Hindi literature by developing the writing skills of South Asian languages writers; through seminars, lectures and conferences.
Writers are encouraged to write about the society they live in, discuss the problems they encounter, suggest suitable solutions and share their experiences and ideas in Hindi Writers Guild’s meetings.
Collaboration and liaison with other charitable and educational sister organizations leads to better understanding and appreciation of Hindi books, Hindi writers and Hindi literature.
Computer literacy and promotion of book publication in Canada are the main intent of Hindi Writers Guild.

International Hindi Festival
Hindi Writers Guild is hosting an International Hindi Festival on Saturday October 3, 2009.
This event will be held in Port Credit Secondary School, 70 Mineola Street East, Mississauga (SE Corner of Mineola and Hurontario Streets). Phone Number is 905 278 3382.
This event will be organized as a Hindi Literary Festival. Highlights of this festival are as follows:-
1. Exhibition of Arts and Paintings: Selected paintings and objects of art by local artists and sculptors will be on display in the main foyer. These exhibits will not only recognize the local artists but also emphasize and appreciate the talent not exposed before.
2. Book Exhibition: Literary books published in Hindi and other Indian languages will also be on display in the main foyer. These publications will accentuate the treasure of knowledge within the community. Some of the books will be available for sale.
3. Book Launching: Books by Hindi Writers Guild’s members will be launched.
4. Musical Presentation: Local artists will entertain the guests with their melodious instrumental and vocal presentations.
5. Kavi Sammelan (Poetry Recitation): Poetry Recitation by local and international Hindi writers and special invitees from other languages will be held in the main auditorium.
6. Coverage by Media: Representatives from television stations, radio stations and newspapers will be present to cover the activities of this event.
7. Food : Delicious and sumptuous Indian meals will be served.
8. Memorabilia (Samarika): A memorabilia in the form of a souvenir will be distributed. This publication will include but not limited to the greetings received from dignitaries, poems or articles by Hindi Writers Guild’s members and advertisements by the sponsors.
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